Ferguson and Bunkerville

It’s a full day of driving from Ferguson, Missouri, to Bunkerville, Nevada. As the crow flies, it’s just over 1,300 miles. But watching what’s been happening in Missouri these past few days, and comparing it to what happened in Nevada just this past April, suddenly a chasm yawns between them.

In Ferguson, a young man is killed by a cop in unclear circumstances, shot at least six times after fleeing and, according to witnesses, despite raising his hands in the air to surrender. The subsequent protest is met with militarized response. The situation escalates, violence ensues. There is looting. Members of the press are arrested. In some quarters, people insist that the young man deserved to die because he allegedly stole several dollars worth of cigars. Never mind that the footage of the alleged theft was leaked by the local PD against DOJ instructions; never mind that the cop who shot him didn’t know that Brown was a suspect at the time of their confrontation; never mind that Brown apparently only came to his attention because the cop had a problem with him walking in the street.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Cliven Bundy, a man whom courts have repeatedly convicted of owing over a million dollars in unpaid taxes, calls for an armed insurrection against a government whose authority he refuses to recognize. Armed activists and militia members flock to his side, blockade a Federal Interstate, train their weapons on police, and proudly self-identify as “domestic terrorists.” But instead of cracking down with their stormtrooper jackboots, authorities withdraw. And the man goes free. He is praised by a Senator and lionized by the right wing media. Only after he crosses the bright-line of publicly yearning for the bygone glory days of the antebellum South and sharing his “thoughts about the negro” do some – but not all – of his supporters back off. And to this day, Cliven Bundy walks free and stands tall, pockets full and sidearm at his hip.

Waiting, tonight, for news from Ferguson, the contrasts sicken me. Of the many ironies, I cannot but think that this is one of the most hideous: last April, Bundy and his ilk curried paranoid fantasies of suffering from the militarized oppression that happens daily in this country to the African-Americans they not-so-secretly despise. Yet it’s Ferguson that burns; Bunkerville hosted a barbecue.

Cliven Bundy makes off with over a million dollars, threatens law enforcement, calls for violent uprising, and is praised as a patriot.

Michael Brown surrenders to a cop, is shot dead, and then is written off as deserving of death for allegedly stealing a pack of smokes.

It’s dark where I’m writing now, in Philadelphia. In twenty minutes, the sun will set over Ferguson. About an hour and a half after that, two time zones west, the sun will go down over Bunkerville, Nevada. What tonight will bring in Ferguson, or the night after, I do not know. I have hopes for peace, for quiet, and, ultimately, for some measure of justice. But while I wouldn’t bet on any of these things for Ferguson, I can guarantee you there’s peace and quiet tonight out there in Bunkerville, and there will be for the foreseeable future. And that fact alone says as much about the realities of American justice as what’s been happening in Ferguson and whatever is to come.

It’s the same sun setting on both places, in the same country, but they might as well be different worlds.

2 thoughts on “Ferguson and Bunkerville

  1. C. Mosby

    Thank you for writing this article. It sums up many of the thoughts that have occurred to me since the early aftermath of the tragic shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. The contrasts represented by these two incidents of American reaction to violence, or potential violence, are stark and should be acknowledged by all who truly believe in a nation of equal justice under the law. The issues of race, class, property, and societal status are traditional ingredients of interaction between legal offenders and authority figures and are abundantly manifest here.

    The two incidents are also compelling testaments to the way things have been in this nation for far too long. In both cases it’s apparent that the advantage in weapons and personnel of legal authority is overwhelming. In one circumstance it’s clear that the reaction of law enforcement is tempered by concern for the value of life within the “offending” community. That concern has resulted in a “standoff” and ultimate withdrawal by authority leaving the already adjudicated offenses unpunished and the offenders claiming victory.

    In the other circumstance it’s equally clear that the reaction is fueled by fear of, and disrespect for, the “offending” community. No one knows what the outcome of this case will be. Past history suggests that this community is unlikely to be claiming any victories or that its grievances will even be addressed.

  2. Chanza Lanza

    Firstly, you couldn’t be further from the truth about Bundy and his alleged “racist comments”.

    If you actually gave 2 hoots about African Americans you would already know that there is a coordinated and orchestrated system in place commencing with the extermination of the entire African American race in America. You would know about eugenicists like Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parenthood), her openly racist viewpoints, meetings with the KKK, and letters about her plans for the “extermination of the negro” (as she called them). She is kindred minds with many of the same people who are in power today. Hillary Clinton reveres Sanger as her idol, the Smithsonian has a shrine dedicated to Sanger; this woman who advocated licenses to give birth, one child policy, sterilization, and planned the coercive extermination of all black people. You see this happening today as we wage war, infiltrate, occupy, and invade every brown-skinned nation, and in Obama’s own cabinet with John P. Holdren, author of EcoScience advocating forced sterilization through the water supply, forced abortions, and more criminal atrocities. You think it’s likely that these same twisted eugenicists whose writings you can find all over the place, would actually be OK with a “black president” unless the man is absolutely nothing but a puppet to those pulling strings in higher shadow positions (also admitted in their writings). Let me list the layout and history of the systematic Black Genocide in America, and then we’ll examine Bundy’s supposed “racist remarks”.

    The following is all on historical record:

    1. Chase all the factories out of the country through extreme regulation and taxation, leaving thousands of city-dwelling minority workers jobless and with no source of legitimate income.
    2. Create “white flight” via government housing redlining and regulatory legal exclusions, effectively concentrating all black people into specific city neighborhoods.
    3. Exploit religious leaders and prominent role models within the black community into teaching and preaching the benefits of birth control.
    4. Open and promote Abortion clinics in these neighborhoods (more than in any other area).
    5. Establish drug laws that include racist disproportionate harsher sentences for “crack” cocaine (to be used by blacks) as opposed to powder cocaine (primarily used by whites).
    6. Introduce “crack” cocaine and other illegal drugs into the (now freshly segregated) black community through CIA drug running operations.
    7. Allow the illicit trade of these drugs to replace the factory by becoming the sole lucrative and burgeoning source of income for these communities.
    8. Allow the prevalence of this black market drug industry to ravage the black community through violence, murder, crime, addiction, overdose, and never-ending cycles of jail time.
    9. Use criminal records and drug addiction to prevent any possibility of legitimate employment, higher education, or escape.
    10. Use jail sentences to remove the father figure creating a never-ending cycle of broken homes, children without guidance, teen pregnancy, abortions, and terrible decision making.
    11. Offer easy to get high interest payday loans throughout the neighborhood thus indebting all residents.
    12. Offer welfare and government housing dependency schemes to bring all residents into obedience and the servile role of a begging pauper or helpless infant begging to suckle at the breast.
    13. Apply all of the above until extinction.

    Today on average 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. The African American population is well below replacement rate.

    It is important to remember that these plans and ideas were not unique to Margaret Sanger but Eugenicists as a whole, who still comprise the upper echelons of big science and the ruling class in America today.

    Adolf Hitler cited these same American Eugenic principles as a major inspiration. After WWII we hired the nazi doctors and scientists. Today Eugenics lives on through the Transhumanist agenda and many facets of global politics.

    BTW, I didn’t even cover the use of black culture, movies, television, music and role models to keep blacks in a perpetual child-like state (referring to their homes as “cribs” and their lovers as “shorties”), to keep blacks using derogatory language and broken “ebonics” (destroying literacy and preventing career advancement), refer to each other as animals (“my dogg” and “ma bitchez?”) and to indoctrinate blacks into military enlistment. African Americans are the number 1 recruitment base for the US military and being used as cannon fodder across the globe.

    Don’t you want to be a “Soldier BOY?”

    So moving on, Bundy’s comments. Let’s look at what he actually said…

    “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.”

    “And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

    Now while these comments may be shocking to you, it’s truth, and truth is shocking. Statistically speaking, African Americans had a higher standard of living, health, and a MUCH longer lifespan than today. Not because they are better off as slaves, but because shit is that much worse today. The government has utterly infiltrated every aspect many of their lives and forced them into extermination camps. We also see far more riots today than back then, and riots occur when standard of living is so low that it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.

    This man (Bundy) was clearly referencing (in not so sensitive fashion) a blatant truth of their everyday lives. Yet folks like you try to turn it into racism and ignore the unprecedented historical event that took place during the Battle of Bunkerville. It is clear that the mainstream media has done a number to your critical thought, and for that I am concerned. Stop believing what you hear, and start questioning EVERYTHING. It is how we EVOLVE and SURVIVE.


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