I’m Patrick Blanchfield, I’m a freelancer writer, and this is my website.If you’d like to read my recent published work, there are links below.

I don’t post to the blog section here anymore, but if you’re looking for representative pieces from it that have also proven popular online, I suggest this (about writing on gun violence in general), this (on Sandy Hook and race and class), and this (on mass shootings and misogyny).

I’m always happy for solicitations from editors; please feel free to email me or drop me a message on Twitter. I also enjoy doing talks, podcasts, media appearances, etcetera, for all kinds of audiences, popular and academic; do reach out if you’re interested. My full CV is here. I am represented by Markus Hoffmann of RHA Literary.


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  • “The Market Can’t Solve a Massacre.” Essay in Splinter, (March 14, 2018), https://bit.ly/2ILxihR.
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  • “Why I Gave Up My Guns.” Op-Ed in The New York Daily News, Sunday Edition. (January 11, 2013). Available at: http://nydn.us/JgApyt.

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